Dealing With Worldly Problem With The Word Of God

Nearly everywhere we look, the world seems to be spinning out of control. Why do we see so many problems? Can we find a solution? Does the Bible offer hope for answers? Get my book to discover the answer to the world problem.

What People Are Saying About My Books

"Mr. Omaye's books are what I will definitely recommend for everyone out their who want a better life."

Mr. John

"Happy to have purchased Omaye's Books 6 months ago. Amazing books that change my life!"

Miss. Dami

"The Before You Cleave book is necessary for anyone who knows beyond a shadow of doubt that we (Christians) are called to have a happy family."

Mr. Jeff

You Need To Read My Books

Parent Fight For Your Children

Parent fight for your children was inspired by God. You know every child is a priceless gift to their parent, and they needs to be presence in the home to brings joy, peace and happiness to a family.

Because of the priceless of every child, they have become the major targets to the powers of darkness.

In this my book “Parent Fight For Your Children” you will discover God’s stand concerning children, what’s hindering child bearing and how to gain victory over barrenness and miscarriage, etc.

Before You Cleave

Before You Cleave us an answer to the mistery of spinsters and bachelors. It is a prophetic and prayer Manuel to solving the long silent cry and question to all singles and parents desiring the best for their children concerning marital relationship.

In today’s world, a lot of people ended up marrying the wrong partner because they didn’t know what they are supposed to know and do before they cleaved . This book will give you insight on all.

About Author

Pastor Aaron Omaye Abdul is a amazing pastor and author who connects with people by sharing experiences and lessons that beautifully illustrate how God works and changes lives.

Pastor Aaron Omaye Abdul is a prophet, Evangelist, Teacher, and a Preacher of the world of God. This book was inspired by the holy spirit as a result of this passion to see a better christen family.

Pastor Aaron Omaye Abdul is a trained Biochemist. He is a graduate of Kogi state University, Anyigba, Kogi State, Nigeria. He was once an MFM Campus fellowship president at Kogi State University Chapter.

He was also the state Prayer Secretary of NCCF in Enugu state chapter during his NYSC. Also he was twice the MFM Regional Youth Pastor, N/C 19 region Anyigba Kogi State and S/W 54 region Obaile,

Pastor Aaron Omaye Abdul

Author & Pastor

Why You Need To Buy My Books

My book helps you in discovering the Secret to Building a Great Marriage and Family so that we can live a happy life.

My book helps you to strengthen your personal relationship with God first before your partner, then you will find answer to what relationship is based on, as well as God’s design for it.

My books helps people in discovering the freedom and joy that comes from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, which is an incredible experience everyone will like to wittiness.

My books will help you build God’s own children based on God’s principles for raising our children.

You will definitely have testimonies after reading any of my books

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